Ashes that bear dreams…


I believe Dreams cannot be burnt. I believe Dreams serve the purpose to make us grow beyond our own limits. They are there to inspire us to fulfill them, and in the process, expand.

When a Dream is turned into reality, it ceases to exist. In that sense, the death of a Dream allows new ones to be born.

I believe our Dream was dead already, it’s that thing about the Comfort Zone.. But we were reluctant to let go and create space for new ones.

I even believe the Universe helped us a hand by burning the Eco-lodge. Like the Phoenix that is consumed by flames and rises again from its own ashes, there shall be renewal, new dreams shall arise.

What dreams? Where to? I don’t know.

It is that journey into the unknown, with all the alleluia’s and all the damn it’s along the way, with all the births and deaths of dreams and projects, that I would like to share on this blog. Without filters, raw and pure. Because one dream over lapses all the others, is timeless and persistent. It is more than a dream, it is a desire, to be fulfilled here and now. It is the desire of authenticity. No pretenses, no beautifying, no shame. Reality as it is, me as I am. Sometimes it will be astonishing, sometimes downright ugly. Sometimes it will be filled with gratitude and joy, sometimes with sadness and disgust. But it will be open and honest, as I feel and perceive it. No more, no less.