Welcome! I’m Claire, a true lover of Life, with an infinite Faith that all is as is meant to be.

Standing, once again, at the doorstep of yet a new life-path. Behind me: a rich and diverse journey into various directions that have brought me to where I am standing now. My nose points increasingly towards a coherent life, in harmony with Nature, in connection with myself and those around me, letting my full creative potential flourish as best as i can and trying to follow the beautiful melody of my heart.
I am also mother of two amazing children whom i wish to, above all, allow the freedom to explore their own passions and potential, at their own pace, in confidence. Not always easy with a rucksack full of authoritarian luggage and a culture that dictates linear standards for everyone.
And I am partner to a man who happens to be star at pressing those buttons in me that most require healing (and vice-versa), and who gives me the opportunity every day to do so. This proves to be quite a challenge, still.

A pretty impressive list, I am aware of that. I am learning, every day. Making mistakes, every day. Trying again, every day.

An ordinary, un-perfect journey, deconstructing walls, wandering through the mysteries of my own inner landscape, discovering new territories, preferably dancing through the many possibilities and challenges of Life, transforming obstacles into growing opportunities and hoping to leave a low ecological and a high inspirational footprint. Wanna walk along?